Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to List or register on apnacake?

Yes. It is ONE steps process. It is recommended to register so that you could manage all your posts at one place.

How to register / create account in ?

One Step

Go to Add Your Listings page  (see on top of home page). Fill the form and click Preview button. Then click Submit Listing button.

Done !  we will review/ check your profile and your cake business is listed.

Posting Problems:

If you get into any registration problem, please do contact our support team at

How to edit/delete ad?

Once you’re signed in to our website, click on Listing Dashboard in the menu bar on top. The link will redirect to your dashboard where all the ads you have submitted will be listed according to date. An edit and delete button will be given below each of your listing, through which you can either make the necessary changes to your listing or delete it.

Are multiple ads allowed?

You can post up to a maximum of 5 ads on our website in a day. We do have the provision for unlimited ad posting, but only for our Premium Lister’s. Please do make sure that you’re not posting the same ad over and over again. Duplicate ads will be removed.


Does offers mediation between buyers and sellers?

No. Please note apnacake is an online classified (similar to Justdial and Olx) web portal which provides location based addresses of bakers / cake makers / home bakers across India.

What are premium listings? Is the service free?

Premium listing is the service provided for professional bakery brands (national or regional brands ) who want to highlight their brand name and enhance their brand presence in India for better sale. Also bakery supplier can post ads, for that please write at

No charges for Home bakers!

Why my ad or Listing is deleted?

apnacake follow internal guidelines for posting ads. If the ads (in form of pictures, text, videos and others) are found to be “not suitable”and is harmful and objectionable then apnacake has the authority to take down the ads. We would request to follow the guidelines mentioned in the Terms and conditions of the website (

How do buyers and sellers communicate with each other?

For the sellers we would recommend the following:

  • Provide email id or phone number so that buyers could reach them once they find the free ads on
  • Sellers should give precise address of the operating location or if the exact location name is not available then seller should provide address nearest to the place of operation. This will help the buyers to search the cake sellers easily
  • Sellers should provide either an email address or phone number for the buyers to reach them

For the buyers we would recommend the following:

  • Buyers should search based on the address provided by seller
  • Once the buyer finds cake seller near to their location, they should email or call the sellers
  • Buyers should clearly communicate with the cake seller about his requirement
  • Buyers should do advance booking for the cake they are looking from a particular seller

NOTE: apnacake do not interfere or mediate between seller and buyers. apnacake provides address and is aggregator for cake sellers in India at the local level

How to buy/sell safely?

For sellers


  • Take full payment at the time of delivery
  • Ensure the money/ currency is not fake
  • Verify buyer’s credentials through email and other means of communication
  • Sellers should encourage the buyer to take the cake / bakery items from their door steps or any location suitable for both the party

NOTE: apnacake has no role in delivery and the transaction of the cakes between sellers and buyers at any point of time.


For buyers


  • Verify the sellers before meeting them (in case the buyers find anything suspicious about the advertisement and the sellers – then please inform us immediately at
  • Buyers should clearly communicate via email also on the expectations of the products (cake) from sellers
  • Buyers should place the order well in advance to sellers to avoid unwarranted circumstances and surprises

Is there an online transaction for placing the order via apnacake website?

Currently we do not have this service. However, we would like to hear from you as feedback from both sellers and buyers. We are open for recommendations and based on the interest and website traffic apnacake management would provide the support in future.