apnacake congratulate all home bakers in India for making life events memorable with creative touch! Thank you…

Ever since we went public with our all cake platform for home bakers in India, we are just loving it. It’s a different world full of color, passion, chocolate, creativity, and style.

Baking is about strategy, idea, and execution. Every home bakery brings a different story with their creation. These women bakers or call them food entrepreneurs add the right pinch of magic every time they bake!

Over the months, we reached out to various bakers across cities and towns of India, requesting home bakers to list their cake business. There we several interesting facts finding during the pitch. Of them we bring 3 important Ds that are common in the life of these wonderful home bakers.


Last mile delivery of cakes to each customer in one of the biggest and important challenge faced by many bakers. Though it doesn’t stop them from pursuing their passion. There is no dearth of customer for each Home Bakers, and the numbers are growing every passing day. Further, with exclusive and extensive use of social media, these bakers are quite popular among their fans and friends. Orders comes from near and far places. A baker in Shahjahanpur in U.P gets her orders from Lucknow! i.e. 175 km apart! Sometimes they had to cancel orders coming from long distance customers. Delivery a challenge for these busy home bakers, especially in peak seasons. It is also not always economical for customers to travel from far to get the cake. However, there are few crazy cake lovers who would travel those extra miles to get awesome cake, adds a well-known home baker from Kolkata. Well we salute those cake-loving people 😊


Oh yes …. It is no more a sweet baked something we eat. Cake is now a product which is consumed with lot of emotional connect surrounding beyond its form factor. From chocolate Belgium customized cake, it has gone to Pokémon themed cake which is hot fab among kids. There is different look added to the taste for cake among Millennials. As per Nielsen research, by year 2020, the retail landscape will undoubtedly change. Most retailers are keeping close watch on the demands of Millennials – always on the move with changing trend. We observe the effect among the locals of big and small cities. Social media adding to the changing taste. So home bakers are keeping with the change, knows exactly what the demand is and what cake attracts a 4-year old kid. Interestingly Healthier foods rank highest with kids, particularly with kids 2-5, ages where parents primarily control the buying decision.

Wedding cake – how can we miss this market segment within cake category. People might not remember grooms face, but sure they would swear on the 3tier wedding cake which made their selfie so memorable. Then comes the taste and the yumminess.

Home bakers spend hours to create magic for every customer. Every time customers enquire about “cake” via Facebook/ various Home baker (Guilds), other social media channels and now www.apnacake.com bakers give the best to make customer’s event special.


Demand is more than a term from economy for home bakers. Demand is reflection of relationship which grows only when it comes to cake. In this business home bakers are strongly connected with local customers and sometime customers who stays far but still want cakes from same bakers. It is matter of time and dedication that the home bakers give to get repeat customers. Social media plays important role in marketing these home bakers across India. The only driver to such constant demand is good cake (well-made cake)

Overall, demand is where differentiation and with on time delivery there is no end to cake demands 😊

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