Diwali is the festival of light and happiness. Make this Diwali memorable and magical. You can do this with 5 different ways to make it memorable and happy.


  1. Call your friends !

Don’t just share or forward Diwali messages on WhatsApp and other social media groups. Phone Call them! And there are so many options to do. Skype call them, Google Voice, or Facebook call and the most famous and easy, just WhatsApp call your friends and families! Trust me it would be awesome and would leave an impacting memory until next time.

  1. House Party!

Be a host and ask your close friends to come at your place. Reconnect and refresh life stories with the get together. Play good music and have fun together. It is nothing like meeting someone in person and you know you have a fabulous reason.

  1. Buy, Make, Order Diwali special Cup cake. Why not!

Trust us, it would be memorable to have lots of yum cupcakes ordered from a home baker near you. Find them from www.apnacake.com . Your home baker online directory in India. All you need to do is book your orders few days ahead so that you get your delivery on time. After all it is a busy season for bakers in India.

  1. Diwali Selfie

If meeting friends is difficult, then ask your friends to post a Diwali Selfie with near and dear ones and share it among your friends. Imagine all your 100s of friends posting Diwali Selfie in shared groups etc. This would make a super Diwali Album of 2017. Call it Selfie Meetup! And just in case you are wondering what is Diwali Selfie, then here it is – Diwali Selfie is clicking pictures with backdrop of Diwali lights, Día, take picture while burning hand sparkles. (Please note – Please be careful if you have children around and take enough precautions. We won’t suggest taking selfies with firecrackers or other high decibel crackers)

  1. Celebrate by donating gifts to not so privileged ones!

If you know someone, kids who are not so privileged to it grand this Diwali, then go celebrate with them for few hours. Help them smile! We believe in giving and it such a joy if you try once. And DIWALI is the time to share happiness and joy. You can also call up any NGOs near you to help them celebrate better. You can donate. You can distribute sweets, cakes, crackers, or cloths among kids. You can ask your friends to join you.  It would be a hearty experience that will remain as memory. Be Generous.

Wishing all Happy and prosperous Diwali. Love all.

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