Home Bakery Personalized

Personalization helps advance customer relationships, and who would know better than home bakers. Home bakers have adopted the art of personalization in true sense. Personalization is every marketer dream strategy to acquire customers. Home bakery market runs on relationship, and relationship does not end with delivery. Once a cake is delivered to customer, it opens a new relationship. And it only matures along the way.

Selling fresh baked cake is a traditional business and over years accepted widely across channels in different shape and sizes. Now with digital lifestyle and reach bakers are slowly extending the service online. Though, the online option is very limited across cities in India, brands are more focused in marketing the service on social media channels. The result is satisfactory and engaging.

As cake does to customers, personalization enhances customers’ engagement with product. The net result is loyalty. Cake as a product is sum of service, creativity, and instant personalization.

Home baking is a 1 on 1 relationship where understanding the customer need is the main ingredient of cake making. Once the baker understands the pulse of the customer, home baker drives it to success. As per our research 80 percent of customers wants bakers to understand what exactly they are looking. While 90% of home bakers focus on customer profile and requirement of the day, rest is putting things together and heat it to perfection.

Personalization Pie

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