Must Have baking essentials

Creative work such as Home baking has full of surprises, love and dedication apart from usual ingredients of cakes. There are subjective qualities required to make a cake, and there are tools that are must have to bake a cake. Out of many tools or essential bakeware, we find the following below are the must haves.

The top 5 tools are:

Mixing bowls 

Mixing bowl for cake is must have product / tool for home baker. You cannot ignore the utility in making cakes. There are different types of products available in the market – Melamine, toughened glass bowls, steel etc. If you want to treat a delicious and fluffy cakes or chocolate ganache and royal icing cakes, you must have a proper cake mixing bowl.

Baking Stand Mixer

Stand mixer for baking is one of the important tools for home bakers. It automates the repetitive tasks of stirring, whisking or beating. Such vital steps made easy with Stand Mixer.

Measuring spoons and cups

These measuring spoons and cups for baking is an essential collection of must keep tools for home bakers. The measuring spoons and cups are used to measure liquid items and dry items for making cakes. Items measured are sugar, flour or milk.

Silicone Spatulas

Spatulas are one of the busiest tools for bakers. Silicone Spatulas are the heatproof tool used for baking or cooking, scrambling or sautéing, flipping or folding.


Kitchen Scale

Accuracy is a winning factor for home bakers. Especially when bakers are baking a highly customized cake of large size. Being accurate helps a baker to deliver the best to customers. Hence the Kitchen Scale is a must have tool for home bakers.


Top decorating tools

Decoration is final step of giving the cake that brings out the overall creative imagination of a home baker. Bakers are very particular about the tools that help them fine tune the cake. These are very versatile tools, not easy to resist.


Revolving cake decorating stand

Revolving stand serves the purpose of decorating the cakes in an easy way. Ice it or use it to sharpen the edges of the cakes, revolving cake stand is the perfect option for decorating. It comes in different sizes.

Icing tip set

These tools come in set of decorating tips that make it easy to add borders and add details to cakes and cupcakes. Nowadays these tools come in assortment of star, round, petal and leaf tips. They are of different shapes and tip sizes.

Cake Leveler

This decorating tool comes handy just when a home baker has finished baking the cake and is about to put creams on it. And these tools help to level the frostings on the cakes. A level cake looks professionally beautiful, until you are baking for some uneven themed cake. Revolving cake decorating stand complement the use of cake Leveler for home bakers.

Offset Spatula

Offset spatula is used for spreading frosting onto a cake. Also used to put batter into an even layer for making cakes. The flat metal blade or paddle at one end make it easy to use it. There are different types of spatula such as straight and offset one. The offset is very versatile, it lets you get in there without disturbing the other items. It also helps to serve the cake after baking onto a cake plate or flat surface.

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