Automation and robotisation is the new normal and world is accepting this change. As this trend accelerating by day, different sectors are getting involved and evolving with innovations. Latest among is the baking industry.

Stephen Robinson made a cake-baking robot because he wanted to challenge himself to learn the basics of robotics. This project took about 300 hours, over a course of a year and a half, to complete. You can watch the full video here  (Source: .

While we are not sure how this project could shape further for baking industry but at this moment we are delighted to see this development in the robotic world.

This innovation is welcoming, and could help bakers become more productive in future.

When artificial intelligence is the talk of the town, such innovation could see a fully robot enabled bakery in the neighborhood…well why not. And we wait to see that gets listed on apnacake 🙂






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