Are you a true Cake Bhakt?

How can you prove you are true Cake Bhakt?

Do you think about cake?

Do you buy cake or look for opportunity when you go for shopping?

Before you start thinking how many times in a month you buy cake, here are the

10 signs which makes you qualify as a Cake Bhakt …cake lover ๐Ÿ˜Š


  1. You think about cake a lot
  2. You look for different variety of cake in the town
  3. You follow cake and bakery related social media pages such as apnacake, or some baking recipe blogs
  4. You are excited about birthdays as you get to eat cake!
  5. You recommend cake to others as way to celebrate a happy occasion
  6. You go to a cake restaurant or cake joint to hang out with friends such as Glen in Indiranagar next to Toit
  7. You want to learn and join cake making classes in your free time or upcoming holidays
  8. You think cake is a substitute for that quick sweet rush and you buy cake over toffee or milk chocolate or candy
  9. You like the idea of gifting someone a cake for special occasions
  10. You do all the above ๐Ÿ˜›


Bhakt or no-Bhakt we all had consumed cake in our life. Cake is something which brings people together irrespective of their identity. Cake donโ€™t discriminate.

Love cake and stay happy!


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