If you make, bake and sell cakes then the biggest determinant of customer experience is the delivery system, precisely the last mile delivery of the ordered cake. We interviewed several home bakers from different cities in India and found interesting stories related to cake delivery. Almost 90% of them have different levels of concern when it comes to cake delivery. Home delivery is an additional cost factor for both bakers and the customers. Delivery increase the total cost for customer by almost 18 – 20%, and sometimes it is around 30% for special cakes for special occasions, etc.

Here are few top essentials related to cake delivery (kitchen to the party), based on our research. These are the basic but important tips ( below:) for home bakers that goes into a successful cake delivery:

  1. Cake Structure – The structuring of the cake is an essential factor for a good delivery to customer venue. If it is a layer cake, then bakers should ensure a better way to construct all types of cakes. A loosely structured cake might damage during delivery.
  1. Plan – Deliveries take time; hence home bakers should do the right planning before designing and baking the cake. Home bakers who rely on delivery vendors or third party for last mile delivery (on and off) need to do advance planning before design thinking about the cake.
  1. Choose the right delivery partner or vendor – This is critical from the customer’s perspective. Customer complain about damage, cracks, torque and pilferage (well may be). Bakers need to know how the cake are delivered. Basic checks such as the type of box that is used for delivery – corrugated or plastic based. Similarly, there are different factors that add up to the reputation of a good last mile service provider.
  1. Arrange the cake delivery early – Plan the cake delivery 2-3 hours before the event. If you are to set up the cake at the venue, then make sure you are done before the guests arrive. Make sure you discuss the fine points to your customers while taking the orders.
  1. Contingency pan: Bring an emergency cake supply kit – This is specially for wedding or layer cakes which requires extra attentions. In many cases, the wedding planners arrange the cake orders, and they do the last mile servicing. However, it is important to have a cake supply kit if cake supply kit if the home baker is making the delivery to the venue. Even the customers need to keep this point in mind to ask about the last mile finishing touch while the cake is being set up at the venue. There is no harm in being extra cautious, after all it is your special occasion.
  1. Guide the customer – Some customers pick the cake from the home bakers. If that is okay, then teach your customer how to transport the cake safely. Once the cake is taken over from the baker, then it is the responsibility of the customer to make a successful transit. However, home bakers want their customers to win and eventually it is the reputation that brings more customers. So, the home bakers should guide the customers about the cake and help the customer to pre-check and make note of dos and don’ts before taking the cake from the home bakery.

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