Cake is a symbol of celebration, fun and the perfect way to make any event memorable.

Cake as a food is available possibly at every nook and corner of our neighborhood. Be it any retail channel – cake is sold in all forms there. In India we have convenient stores, departmental stores, organized retail outlets, local bakery, betel (pan) shops where cakes are sold. Cakes are a major attraction factor for many retail outlets in our country.

Cake is also sold online through various online channels by branded and local business. Online cake delivery model was an instant hit ever since it was operational. Social media is used to promote the online cake business for some time now. Irrespective of the brand – online cake buy and sell model has proven to be a success. Other driving factors are mobile growth, price and convenient ordering process.


It is observed that even though both online and offline cake channels are operating, there is no aggregator business model in the online cake business space.  As per  – there are few cake or bakery franchise which keeps all types of cakes at a given point. Even branded franchises offer restricted and limited items of cakes. A customer is often forced to make decisions to buy cakes from the available cake shops that do not often provide him the wide range of choices he would love to have before placing an order.

Online channels have fewer buyers and in many cases lack of knowledge and review/suggestion of the online cake and the baker (or bakery) is limited. Hence customers buy from local stores whatever is available to them. There is a trend to buy customized, theme based picture cakes, but there are few sellers available resulting in customers having to spend more on logistics to get the cakes of their choice.

From the seller perspective – homemade cake makers do not have the right connect in the market to sell cakes. Few outsmart the social media space and make the best use of it. The number is very low and mostly limited to the large metros but in small towns it is the word of mouth that helps them to find new customers. Marketing cost is another factor which holds back these cake sellers (homemakers, hobby cake bakers or small local bakery stores), especially in small towns and cities, to make it big. is here to end the above conundrum, and be your friend that helps you realize your dream in finding the right platform and connect.

apnacake is a platform for cake sellers and buyers at the hyper local level and connects them.

apnacake wants to connect and bring together small and big cake business free of cost at the local level. It is an online classified for home bakers in India. 

apnacake is not into delivery of cakes. We help home bakers find customers near their area. This will help them save time and delivery cost. 

Please join us and help us discover awesome cake near you 🙂


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